Our Projects

No. Project Name Client Name Project Location
21Makkah Holy Mosque, Mataf Third PhaseSaudi Binladin Group PBADMakkah
22Administrative Building for Dammam UniversityAzmeel Co.Dammam
23Quality Control for Water & Electricity - MakkahSaudi Electricity Co. & Ministry of WaterMakkah
24Quality Control for Binladen ABCD Compound - MadinahSaudi Binladen Group ABCDMadinah
25Quality Control for Bindawood Hyper marketModern Building CompanyMadinah
26Quality Control for King Abdullah Civic CenterProject Build Co.Dammam
27Prophet Muhmmed Mosque - King Abdullah Madinah Haram ExpansionSaudi Binladin Group ABCDMadinah
28Quality Control for Sewage & Water Supply RiyadhMinistry of WaterRiyadh
29Quality Control for Electricity RiyadhSaudi Electricity Co.Riyadh
30Quality Control - Taiba UniversityKhudari Contracting Co.Madinah
31Quality Control - Islamic University MadianhSouth Star Contracting Co.Madinah
32Quality Control - Dammam UniversityAl Fouzan For Trading & ContractingDammam
33Students Accommodation for Islamic UniversityAl Kifa Contracting Co.Madinah
34Panda Micro Pile ProjectAzizia Panda Co.Riyadh
35Micropiles for Girls SchoolOstourat Al Aimar Contracting Co.Taif Region
36Al Rajhi Residential TowerNaif Al Rajhi Investment Co.Riyadh
37Pressure Meter Test for Dammam UniversityHUTADammam
38Assessment of Leakage in Janadraiyah SAMA Building at RiyadhSaudi Arabian Monitory Agency (SAMA)Riyadh
39Assessment of Cracks and Leakage in Banking Institute Building at RiyadhSaudi Arabian Monitory Agency (SAMA)Riyadh
40Haram Sewer TunnelSaudi Binladin Group TDRSMakkah