Geotechnical Contracting

Structural Design and Rehabilitation

SAUDI LABS LTD. has a decent structural department run by experienced professional engineers. Our structural engineers/project managers have experience in the areas of structural design as well as project management. SAUDI LABS LTD. depends on its structural department to work as a complement to our Grouting and Underpinning department.

SAUDI LABS LTD. structural engineers help in assessing the damage to buildings, decision making in rehabilitating buildings, soil structural interaction studies and supervision of rehabilitation works. Moreover, this department will provide the structural design of footing systems when need be.


Grouting and Micro Pile

In addition to performing the various types of field and laboratory testing, SAUDI LABS LTD.  has introduced a new line of work which deals in soil improvement and underpinning using the latest technologies. The underpinning operation consists of either the placement of mini pile system to support the existing foundation or by improving the soil underneath the footings using compaction grouting. Compaction grouting consists of injecting a cement grout under a designed pressure to displace loose soil and fill the gaps with cement grout.

Underpinning using mini piles consists of drilling holes through existing foundation using small (mini) drills capable of drilling in constructed areas. The holes are then filled with high quality high strength grout. Saudi labs owns its mini drill rigs, mixers, pumps and grouting equipment. Our grouting and underpinning department is run by highly qualified and well trained engineers who have a wide experience in this work inside and outside the Kingdom.



SAUDI LABS LTD. ventured in the field of piling work. CFA and Bored piles can be executed by our modern hydraulic rigs, virbo hammer, crane etc. In addition to piling work SAUDI LABS LTD engineers can design and execute Shoring System projects.



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